Supplies & Equipment

Sysco Minnesota supplies a wide variety of equipment to the foodservice industry ranging from tabletop to heavy equipment. Marketing Associates can arrange prompt delivery of thousands of smallwares to meet the immediate needs of most operators. Other products can be made available through a variety of Sysco equipment sources. Browse through our corporate catalogs to view products and then contact your Marketing Associate for current pricing.

Central Warehouse Fond-du-Lac, Wisconsin
Sysco Corporation has a warehouse in Fond-du-Lac, Wisconsin, that is dedicated to stocking thousands of smallwares and specialty items. If an item is not available at Sysco Minnesota, Marketing Associates can order the product out of the Central Warehouse in Fond-du-Lac for direct shipment to customers. Marketing Associates are able to order these items via their laptop computers. This ordering process is call D.O.E. or Direct Order Entry. The order is transmitted to the Central Warehouse and typically ships within 24 hours. UPS then delivers the product. Customers can expect the product to arrive directly to them within 2-3 days.

Given the number of specialty items in the foodservice industry, this system allows Sysco to literally expand the number of items available to the customer and eliminate the long lead times typical of many items. As a customer, one of the largest advantages to this program is that many items can be ordered individually without worry about a manufacturer's case quantities or split case charges.

Sysco Minnesota partners with hundreds of suppliers in S&E. In many cases, products can be ordered from the supplier and shipped directly to the customer’s location. Once again, lead times are reduced and the customer has access to many suppliers regardless of their stocking status with Sysco Minnesota.

Special Order
Other items are available as a special order to be shipped into Sysco Minnesota’s warehouse and then out to the customer on a Sysco truck. Many orders are handled in this fashion if it can result in a cost savings for the customer or if the supplier does not accept ship-directs.

Heavier shipments are shipped by common carrier. The consumer should be aware that unless arrangements are made to unload the product, the carrier is only responsible to move the freight to the end of the trailer. This is called tailgate delivery. The party that is receiving the product must move it off the trailer, on to ground level and into the business. This can be especially challenging if the product is large and heavy such as a 500 pound range or refrigerator.

Sysco Minnesota can help the consumer arrange for a number of more convenient deliveries. "Lift-gate" delivery means that the truck has a lift-gate on the back of the truck and the driver will get the freight to ground level. "Set-in-place" service allows for someone to lift the equipment off the truck, uncrate and carry it into the building and set it in the location where the consumer wants the equipment to be placed. It does not include any type of power hook-ups. All of these services are available in most locations and Sysco Minnesota’s Foodservice Supplies Specialists are available to quote prices.